Crediton rebuild
Remains of the building at the start of the contract.
In February 2012 a fire spread through the thatched roofs of five properties around Buller Square in Crediton. It destroyed some of the oldest houses in Crediton.

Some properties were damaged beyond repair. However there was enough remaining of one of the listed houses to make it viable for saving.

Scorched timber frame of the roof structure.
Wall heads of differing materials.
J & J Sharpe Ltd was invited to tender to repair the fire damaged parts of one of these houses.

We were subsequently awarded the tender so work on site began in spring 2013.

Temporary roof and scaffolding protecting the building from the elements.
Start of work to rebuild and consolidate the wall heads.
Breaking up the floor over the previous underfloor heating.
Bare cob of the original wall.
The remaining structure having lost its entire roof in the fire was covered with a scaffold canopy that was erected soon after the fire. This protected the fragile cob walls. The repairs included the reconstruction of the walls and roof, reinstating internal and external surfaces. Our first task was to consolidate the walls by rebuilding the tops with cob blocks and carrying out repairs to the mass cob. All electrical, plumbing and heating services were reinstated in this area.

New roof structure completed.
Felt and battening completed and slating underway.
Partial completion of slating.
Completed slating.
Internal wall cladding and plastering underway.
Internal lime plastering and boarding.
New doors and windows installed. Dub coat of lime mortar underway.
External works completed. New cast iron gutter, lime render and mineral paint finish.
Completed kitchen. Replacement roof frame using reclaimed oak beams.
Completed kitchen. New floor tiles, kitchen units and decoration.